Latest Health Tips

More health tips will be posted soon. I have a lot of topics lined up. Please keep visiting my website often for announcements and new tips. Right now, you can browse the following links and get helpful information to preserve your health!

Opioid Addiction
Addiction to opioids such as morphine, heroin, oxycodone, and codeine, can manifest in physical dependence and psychological issues.

Ganglion Cyst
A ganglion cyst looks like a sac of colorless, jelly-like liquid. This cyst often forms as a swelling on top of a joint or the tissue in between the bone and muscle.

Anxiety can disrupt our quality of life when we worry about events that haven’t even taken place yet. When severe and frequent anxiety is not dealt with, it can potentially develop into a mental disorder.

Chronic Kidney Disease
This disease is also called chronic kidney failure. This happens when our kidney steadily or gradually fails to filter wastes and excess fluids from the blood.

Melanoma Skin Cancer
Melanoma is sometimes called “malignant melanoma”. As a skin cancer, it develops from melanocyte, starting out as a mole on the skin and eventually affecting other organs in the body.

Squamous Cell Skin Cancer
Otherwise known as “Squamous Cell Carcinoma” or SCC, this is a form of skin cancer found in damaged areas of the body due to harmful and excessive exposure to UV rays.

Basal Cell Skin Cancer
This type of cancer is also called “Basal-Cell Carcinoma”. It manifests as a painless raised area of the skin with ulceration. When left untreated, it gradually grows and spreads to other tissues.

Parkinson’s Disease
This is a degenerative disorder affecting the central nervous system of the body. It largely affects the motor skills of the patient and significantly reduces the ability to walk, move around, or stand still.

Diabetes Type 1
Another term for Type 1 Diabetes is “juvenile diabetes” or “insulin-dependent diabetes”. This chronic condition is caused by the pancreas’ inability or insufficiency to produce insulin.

Diabetes Type 2
This is the most common form of diabetes where the body is unable to utilize insulin. Sometimes, this condition is called “insulin resistance”.